Headquarters: Tower of Moncorvo in the west exit, near the gas pumps of Azoria.
Also present in Foz do Sabor, 8 km from Moncorvo, during the summer season.



Abade Tavares, Cave 2
5160 - 247 Torre de Moncorvo.

(+351) 279 258 270Telephone:
(+351) 279 258 270Fax:
(+351) 964 801 280Mobile Phones:
(+351) 964 801 332

Framing EN.

District Bragança: in north-eastern area at 700m above sea level and 22km from the border with Spain, includes 17 counties, with a rich gastronomy, culture and landscape that is worth visiting.

County Tower of Moncorvo with 53.277 surface acres divided into 17 parishes, it's located in the North of Portugal, in the northeastern South, near the border with Spain, at the confluence of the rivers Douro and Sabor.

It's located near the spot where river Sabor empties into Douro river, associated with Vilariça Valley and the Sierra Reboredo, marking the landscape of the county. Douro and Sabor riverbanks are steep and rugged, only accessible to those who dare to venture trough cyclopean boulders and underbush, or down the rivers by canoe and boat. It is the most natural and wild place which exists in the country. It is also the paradise of certain animal and plant species threatened with extinction.